BMH Community Relations provides strategic guidance to small businesses and non-profit organizations who want to raise their visibility.  We work with our clients to:

  • Identify and focus on their special niche, then develop key message points necessary to communicate that information in a consistent manner.
  • Develop a clear idea of who their target market is and how to reach potential clients, customers and supporters in a cost-effective way.


BMH Community Relations will ensure that all of your written materials reflect on your organization in the most professional way.

Small businesses and non-profit organizations understand that raising their visibility requires clear, concise, well-targeted and well-written communications, but very few can afford to have a professional writer on staff.


BMH Community Relations can produce a successful event and allow your staff to focus on serving your clients.

A successful event can be a big help in meeting a targeted business goal, but event management involves special knowledge and skills.  Managing an event – even a small one – can be extraordinarily time-consuming, taking regular staff away from their other, equally pressing, duties.

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